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Speed up the clock eight full years, I’m now 29. My most recent accomplishment was selling the company that my business partners and I built from the ground up, My successes are proven by both Wikipedia and by TechCrunch.

If you are looking towards domain names as an investment vehicle, then DomainGraduate is the investment guidebook that will see you through your entire domaining career. – Sean Stafford

If you are here because you are looking for a fulfilling way to make money online, congratulations, you may have just found it!

I regularly do consultation for domain investors, security companies, registrars, and multiple other organizations.  And with my eBook, I can consult for you too. Once you read Domain Graduate, you will have the chance to replicate what I have done, which I’ve spent thousands of dollars and countless hours perfecting – a profitable career in domaining.

Although I’ve already made a mint in the domain industry, I have also lost some money along the way. That’s right; I’m letting you know, up front, that I’ve lost a little bit of money from time to time. But the great news is that you don’t have to!

Many people believe in my techniques and domaining psychology. My eBook is used as a guide in many different domain organizations and always comes highly recommended.

With more than 351 million currently registered domains in the marketplace, lots of people understand and embrace the financial power of this industry. There is an abundance of opportunity for people such as you to thrive. But before you jump in, you’ll either need some guidance (Domain Graduate hint* hint*) or you’ll need to know that there could be many stumbles along the way and those errors may be very, very costly!

With domaining, you can either earn a thriving income or become a slave to something that will only cause you lots of work with little reward. If you want to start out domaining correctly from the beginning, you’ll need my book. I guarantee that you will learn everything you need in order to start your domaining career.

In Domain Graduate I unravel some of the mysteries of the top-dollar money makin’ domainers. I simplify the industry’s tactics and explain these cult-like secrets that I myself only uncovered by putting in years of my time researching and studying through the night. I bring it all together in one eBook that explains everything that you need to know in order to get started.

With my eBook, you can learn the correct way to become a Domainer instead of figuring it out through the school of hard knocks. And because has graciously sponsored Domain Graduate, the most well-known domain guide on the Internet, you can learn to be a Domainer for free, courtesy of

Now that this course is completely free to use, what do you have to lose? Do you want to take the first step to success and hit the ground running?

Happy Domaining!
Sean Stafford

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